jeudi 22 janvier 2015


The second painting of my K triptych.

Done with PS and my Cintiq once again

Time: around 20 hours

jeudi 15 janvier 2015


Back on the Cintiq and Ps
First painting related to my three previous drawings of the lovely K

Time: Around 35 hours

Hope you'll like it

samedi 12 juillet 2014


New pencil sketches, for future paintings.

I took one week of vacation recently with no computer graphics stuff available.

The model is a beautiful inspiring friend. Genuine people are often more interesting to work on than movie stars.
So I have given it a try ;)

Hope you'll like it.

Time for the 3: aroud 35 hours
Medium: 2H, 4B pencils.

samedi 24 mai 2014

Bridge Through the Swamp - Acrylic

My last full acrylic painting.

From a photo of a swamp in Louisiana. I so much liked True Detective's show sets that it made me want to paint the place.

Hope you'll like it
Time: around 30 hours

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Dançarina - Photoshop

A personal interpretation of the traditional portuguese dancer 

I redesigned a bit the costume because the original one can be a glam' killer. 
I have used as a human reference the americano-portuguese actress Daniela Ruah

Time of execution, drawing + painting: around 60 hours

Original work

mardi 2 juillet 2013

jeudi 6 juin 2013

Ruah _ quick paint experiment

Lunch break paint. I try to improve my painting skills
Goal : Be able to synthetize the main infornations to express intention as fast as possible with the most efficient execution.

Total time  2h15min.
From a photography, Lighting personal (model: actress Daniela Ruah)

To be continued